Practical Gifts More Powerful Than Fancier Ones

Jun 26, 2014 by

Practical Gifts More Powerful Than Fancier Ones

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research found the best, most appreciated gifts are those that appeal to recipients’ practical sides.

“We show that givers think fancier gifts will cause them to be more liked, will show they care more and will make their friends happier,” the authors write in their conclusion. “But receivers actually think practical gifts will cause this.”

The authors go on to say that brands selling products that are often given as gifts can help consumers focus on how they would personally use a product. In doing so, the practicality of the gift becomes apparent to the consumer.

LPE, Inc. recommends practical useful gifts. The more useful the gift the more likely the recipient will remember who gave them the gift keeping the giver top-of-mind with the receiver of the gift. Having your clients remember you throughout the year as well as realizing your appreciation for their business are the two main purposes of gift giving in the business arena.