New Branded Products for 2014

Jun 25, 2014 by

  Will you be the first to give these new branded products as gifts or giveaways and make a memorable impression? Welcome to NEW! 2014                 MUSIC MAGIC Wireless Vibration Speaker This year’s trendiest tech toy is a truly wireless speaker – no plug, no audio cable, and you don’t even need to pair it via Bluetooth! Just set your device on top of the box and it uses the vibrations of your music to amplify the sound. NEXT-LEVEL TRAVEL Pack & Hang Duffel Bag An unforgettable high-end gift for any traveler, this unique gag features a patent-pending shelving system to keep your recipient organized while they’re away from home. Unpacks in seconds! SIP IN STYLE Stainless Mason Jar This sleek gift is both convenient and stylish...

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